Dog Grooming

Here at Paws Retreat we aim to provide a first class dog grooming service. Whilst in our care your dog will be treated like our own in a safe and clean environment where your dog’s happiness is our main priority.

We only use the most natural of products and we also now offer a facial whitening treatment for dogs with food and tear staining at an additional cost and can be added to any package.

Full Groom

Full Groom

A full groom includes a thorough bath followed by the use of a high velocity dryer which will remove any loose hair and also help prep the coat for the next stage. The dryer we use is adjustable to suit the dog’s needs. For those a little nervous, we are on hand with happy hoodies which muffles the noise of the dryer and helps to keep the dog calm. We then fluff dry followed by clipping the coat to owner’s preference. Also included in a full groom is nail clipping, sanitary clip, pad clip and a gentle ear cleaner or ear plucking if necessary.

Bath and Brush Out

Bath & Brush Outs

This service is for those pooches that might just need a good old bath or as part of their grooming regime to ensure a healthy coat and prevent matting between grooms. It starts with a relaxing bath followed by fluff drying the coat. Your pooch will leave looking and smelling amazing!

Puppy Introduction

Puppy Introductions

As if having a new puppy isn’t exciting enough, they too have some exciting things to get used to. Although it is tempting to just play and cuddle your pooches, we have a big job ensuring your puppy finds bath time just as exciting as we find seeing them! By getting your puppy used to the grooming process and all the sounds that come with it, it will help familiarise them to it from a young age and build their confidence. Usually this process would consist of a bath and then fluff drying the coat, followed by a nail clip but it can be flexible to each dog’s needs.

De Shedding


We all know what it is like to have a house full of dog hair! This is ideal for double coated breeds and also breeds with a short coat that aren’t clipped. It starts with a thorough bath to deep clean the coat and then the full blast of the coat with the high velocity dryer to remove as much undercoat as possible. By your dog regularly having this service it will help control the shedding hair. Also included is a nail clip, ear clean and a paw tidy including trimming around their pads.

Hand Stripping

Hand Stripping

If you have a wired haired dog which hasn’t been clipped then this service could be what you are after. Its aim is to keep your dog coat in its natural condition and the finished look will reveal a softer healthy coat which is achieved by plucking the loose outer wire coat. This technique is an alternative to clipping the coat however it does take considerably longer and therefore incurs a higher cost. Unlike when you are clipping the coat, the bath is the last stage of this process. It will also include a nail clip and pad trim.

Nail Clipping

Nail Clipping

We take the time and care to clip your dogs nails making sure that your dogs nails will look perfect.

Prices are based on breed, nature of the dog and condition of their coat. Dogs which are not groomed regularly or have matted coats require more work and an extra charge will be incurred for this.
If you have any queries or other requirements, please do not hesitate to contact

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